The Wines of Aragón, Spain

Garnacha (Grenache) is in the midst of a renaissance in Spain and across the world. A grape variety historically undervalued and unappreciated, it is nowadays the lynchpin of many fashionable projects in Priorat, Gredos, Southern France, and even in its homeland: Aragón. Many of these new producers have been inspired by the concentrated underpriced reds that have long been made from old Garnacha vines in … Continue reading The Wines of Aragón, Spain

The Garnachas of Sierra de Gredos

The wine was light, ethereal, pure and at the same time powerful and intense, with beautiful red-fruit aromatics and an unusual wet stone, grainy minerality. It was a 2016 Bruja de Rozas from Comando G, my first ever Garnacha (Grenache) from the Sierra de Gredos, Spain, and I was blown away… Sierra de Gredos is a mountain range in the province of Avila, in central … Continue reading The Garnachas of Sierra de Gredos

Four exciting trends in Spanish wine

I’ve been a fan of Spanish wines for quite some time. I admire the long winemaking tradition, wide diversity of regions and grapes and a large number of unique styles – from ethereal finos and manzanillas, elegant mature Riojas and bold and muscular Riberas del Duero.  Overall, they represent great values in the market across all price points. During the last few years, there’s been … Continue reading Four exciting trends in Spanish wine