The Wines of Aragón, Spain

Garnacha (Grenache) is in the midst of a renaissance in Spain and across the world. A grape variety historically undervalued and unappreciated, it is nowadays the lynchpin of many fashionable projects in Priorat, Gredos, Southern France, and even in its homeland: Aragón. Many of these new producers have been inspired by the concentrated underpriced reds that have long been made from old Garnacha vines in … Continue reading The Wines of Aragón, Spain

The Rise of Spanish Rosé

A growing number of exciting rosé wines (“vinos rosados”) are coming from Spain.  Nowadays, Spain not only produces fresh, simple, fruity rosés for summer but also a new wave of serious, gastronomic vinos rosados with the capacity to gain complexity with bottle age.  Spain is the world’s second-largest producer (5.5m hl) and the leading exporter of rosé wines, and it has a centuries-old tradition crafting … Continue reading The Rise of Spanish Rosé

The Garnachas of Sierra de Gredos

The wine was light, ethereal, pure and at the same time powerful and intense, with beautiful red-fruit aromatics and an unusual wet stone, grainy minerality. It was a 2016 Bruja de Rozas from Comando G, my first ever Garnacha (Grenache) from the Sierra de Gredos, Spain, and I was blown away… Sierra de Gredos is a mountain range in the province of Avila, in central … Continue reading The Garnachas of Sierra de Gredos