Rioja: Four Exciting Trends to look out for

If you ask any wine professional or enthusiast about the Spanish region they know most about, 9 out of 10 would probably mention Rioja, historically considered the gold standard of Spanish red wine. The relatively small (66,000 hectares or 160,000 acres) region of Rioja has a long tradition of quality winemaking – which started with the arrival of Bordelais producers fleeing the phylloxera epidemic in … Continue reading Rioja: Four Exciting Trends to look out for

The Wines of Aragón, Spain

Garnacha (Grenache) is in the midst of a renaissance in Spain and across the world. A grape variety historically undervalued and unappreciated, it is nowadays the lynchpin of many fashionable projects in Priorat, Gredos, Southern France, and even in its homeland: Aragón. Many of these new producers have been inspired by the concentrated underpriced reds that have long been made from old Garnacha vines in … Continue reading The Wines of Aragón, Spain

The Rise of Spanish Rosé

A growing number of exciting rosé wines (“vinos rosados”) are coming from Spain.  Nowadays, Spain not only produces fresh, simple, fruity rosés for summer but also a new wave of serious, gastronomic vinos rosados with the capacity to gain complexity with bottle age.  Spain is the world’s second-largest producer (5.5m hl) and the leading exporter of rosé wines, and it has a centuries-old tradition crafting … Continue reading The Rise of Spanish Rosé

Spanish Winemakers are embracing old traditions

Spanish wines are undergoing a Renassaince, fueled by a newly-found self-belief in the unique combination of their land, their grapes, and the traditional know-how of their people across generations.Up to the recent past, Spanish winemakers always looked up to France as the gold standard and noticed how Italians used their deft marketing skills to build the image of Italian wine worldwide. During the last few … Continue reading Spanish Winemakers are embracing old traditions

The Garnachas of Sierra de Gredos

The wine was light, ethereal, pure and at the same time powerful and intense, with beautiful red-fruit aromatics and an unusual wet stone, grainy minerality. It was a 2016 Bruja de Rozas from Comando G, my first ever Garnacha (Grenache) from the Sierra de Gredos, Spain, and I was blown away… Sierra de Gredos is a mountain range in the province of Avila, in central … Continue reading The Garnachas of Sierra de Gredos