Walla Walla Wines come to Seattle

In the last few years, the Walla Walla Valley has established itself as the premier wine region in Washington state, with wines that rival in quality those made anywhere in the world. Earlier this month, I attended “Walla Walla Wine in Seattle”, an event sponsored by the Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance, which provided a fantastic opportunity to engage directly with over 40 Walla Walla … Continue reading Walla Walla Wines come to Seattle

Australian Wine Discovered

Up until recently, my perception of Australian wines was of jammy, over-ripe fruit bombs with an entire zoo of cute critter labels (kangaroos, koalas and porcupines, to name a few). However, that image is long gone as I’ve come to realize the new tidal wave on the country’s wine scene, as Australian wines are reinventing themselves with a revived emphasis in balance and elegance, while … Continue reading Australian Wine Discovered